global information system on pyraloidea

Welcome to GlobIZ!

GlobIZ is an online platform for specialists working on Pyraloidea (snout moths), one of the most species rich groups of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). Information edited in GlobIZ is freely provided at this website via the search options.

The abbreviation GlobIZ is based on the German title Globales Informationssystem Zünslerfalter, which could be translated as Global Information System on Pyraloidea. The title goes back to the originally in Germany initiated and funded project (see acknowledgments).

GlobIZ provides information on scientific names of Pyraloidea, and nomenclatural changes applied to these names. Data editing strictly follow the rules of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (1999), with the exception of gender agreement between genus and species group names. Species group names are throughout provided using the original spellings in order to achive a better nomenclatural stability (Sommerer 2002). Information given comprises the original description of a name, its current status and rank as well as generic combination of species. The information is linked to the literature references, where the nomenclatural changes have been published.

Team members are editing data quite regular. The innovations become available to this website on a daily basis. However, editing preferably concentrates on data which are needed in the course of current projects. As a consequence, not all names are yet included or finally edited. Citations of type localities are by no means political statements.


How to cite GlobIZ

Nuss, M., B. Landry, R. Mally, F. Vegliante, A. Tränkner, F. Bauer, J. Hayden, A. Segerer, R. Schouten, H. Li, T. Trofimova, M. A. Solis, J. De Prins & W. Speidel 2003–2024: Global Information System on Pyraloidea. -